recommended addition for section (mergemaster)

Bob Frazier bobf at
Sun Mar 2 20:51:52 UTC 2008

since using mergemaster with default arguments (as specified in the 
handbook) can create a LARGE amount of 'unnecessary prompting' for 
certain kinds of upgrades (let's say going from 6-STABLE to 7-STABLE), I 
recommend adding the following paragraph to section (or at 
least something similar to it).

"For experienced users, you may want to minimize the amount of prompting 
that mergemaster can generate, especially when upgrading major 
revisions, or when an update has not been performed in some time.  To 
automatically update files that have not been modified, use the '-U' 
option.  To automatically include new files without prompting you to add 
them, include the '-i' option.  Using 'mergemaster -U -i' will greatly 
speed up the process for users that do not make major changes to the 
files in '/etc', but at the expense of not being able to control every 
single modification that is made."

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