docs/82290: [patch] update to handbook firewall PF section

Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at
Mon Jan 21 19:09:39 UTC 2008

Tom Rhodes <trhodes at> writes:

> So we probably don't need the mini-tutorial except to discuss
> the differences in FreeBSD compared to OpenBSD - which I believe
> are minimal; 

Just what differences there are depends on the FreeBSD release, as
long as we have 6.n with 3.7ish PF an 7.n with 4.1-equivalent PF there
will be a need for some fine distinctions.  Or we could make a
decision to just ignore the older releases (pre-7) like I mostly did
for the book.

> however, I like the section on pftools.  Is it possible to merge
> that part after a cleanup for FDP conformance?

I should thinks so.  I'll need to refresh my FreeBSD conventions
neurons to do so, but I imagine that's doable.  Plus of course the
need for some updates will have crept in here and there by now.

Come to think of it with my likely time frame for giving this serious
attention, the 7 vs other releases issue could have resolved itself
already, but I'll try to make time for this as soon as possible.

- Peter
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