docs/119536: a few typos in French handbook (basics)

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Sat Jan 12 04:19:49 UTC 2008

gregoryd.freebsd at wrote:
> Quoting Marc Fonvieille <blackend at>:
>>  It's not really the objective of the footnote.  The text is about the
>>  fact that even you are not using a 386 CPU (for example a 486 or a
>>  Pentium) you are still using an i386 architecture.
> Oh.
> OK. Then I totally missed that one :-( (sorry)
> Rereading the footnote with that in mind, I can see the true meaning.
> But I still do find it a little bit misleading: shouldn't we explicit the fact
> that we are talking about newer versions of an x86 CPU ?
> Either by emphasizing the "386" word, or saying something like "even if you are
> running FreBSD on a newer x86, such as a pentium, this is going to be i386.."
> Might not a reader with another architecture altogether think, reading the
> sentence "even if you are not running FreeBSD on an Intel 386 CPU, this is going
> to be i386", that "i386" should appear even if she is using a sparc, or whatever
> ?
> Of course I may very well be the only one to misread that kind of info ;-)
> (in which case, just ignore my remarks)

I agree that (based on the English translation in the PR) the meaning is 
not clear. If it were me I would say something like, "The i386 
architecture covers several processor families, including ...." and list 
the most relevant elements. Then go on to describe the other 
architectures and what they cover.

hope this helps,



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