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Fri Feb 29 14:40:04 UTC 2008

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Subject: Re: docs/121197: [patch] edits to books/porters-handbook
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 09:30:04 -0500

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 Thanks for the comments.  Yes, other than the two lines of new content=20
 added at line 8591 regarding genplist, the other changes are just minor=20
 grammatical edits.
 I have attached a new patch without the rewrapping.  Sorry about that -- =
 just habit, I guess.  :-)
 Chess Griffin
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 --- book.sgml.orig	2008-02-28 19:06:47.000000000 -0500
 +++ book.sgml	2008-02-29 09:12:24.000000000 -0500
 @@ -2465,10 +2465,10 @@
  	<para>A little background first.  OpenBSD has a neat feature
 -	  inside both <makevar>DISTFILES</makevar> and
 -	  <makevar>PATCHFILES</makevar> variables, both files and
 -	  patches can be postfixed with <literal>:n</literal>
 -	  identifiers where <literal>n</literal> both can be
 +	  inside the <makevar>DISTFILES</makevar> and
 +	  <makevar>PATCHFILES</makevar> variables which allows files and
 +	  patches to be postfixed with <literal>:n</literal>
 +	  identifiers, where <literal>n</literal> both can be
  	  <literal>[0-9]</literal> and denote a group designation.
  	  For example:</para>
 @@ -2489,7 +2489,7 @@
  	  as hell where <filename>beta</filename> is carried by all
  	  sites in <makevar>MASTER_SITES</makevar>, and
  	  <filename>alpha</filename> can only be found in the 20th
 -	  site.  It would be such a waste to check all of them if
 +	  site.  It would be such a waste to check all of them if the
  	  maintainer knew this beforehand, would it not?  Not a good
  	  start for that lovely weekend!</para>
 @@ -3174,7 +3174,7 @@
  	  challenge for port maintainers</ulink> section.</para>
  	<para>Changes to the port will be sent to the maintainer of
 -	  a port for a review and an approval before being committed.
 +	  a port for review and approval before being committed.
  	  If the maintainer does not respond to an update
  	  request after two weeks (excluding major public
  	  holidays), then that is considered a maintainer timeout, and the
 @@ -3191,7 +3191,7 @@
  	  Collection without explicit blessing from the submitter.
  	  Also, large infrastructural changes can result in
  	  a port being modified without maintainer's consent.
 -	  This kind of changes will never affect the port's
 +	  These kinds of changes will never affect the port's
  	<para>The &a.portmgr; reserves the right to revoke or override
 @@ -4181,7 +4181,7 @@
  	<para>Two macros exists for this situation.  The advantage of using
  	  these macros instead of <command>cp</command> is that they guarantee
 -	  proper file ownership and permissions on target files.  First macro,
 +	  proper file ownership and permissions on target files.  The first mac=
  	  <makevar>COPYTREE_BIN</makevar>, will set all the installed files to
  	  be executable, thus being suitable for installing into
  	  <filename><makevar>PREFIX</makevar>/bin</filename>.  The second
 @@ -8591,6 +8591,12 @@
        <para>The packing list still has to be tidied up by hand as
  	stated above.</para>
 +      <para>Another tool that might be used to create an initial
 +	<filename>pkg-plist</filename> is <filename
 +	role=3D"package">ports-mgmt/genplist</filename>.  As with any
 +	automated tool, the resulting <filename>pkg-plist</filename>
 +	should be checked and manually edited as needed.</para>
 @@ -11809,7 +11815,7 @@
  		    <entry>7.0-CURRENT after
  		      RFC 3678 API support added to the IPv4 stack.
 -		      Legacy RFC 1724 behaviour of the IP_MULTICAST_IF
 +		      Legacy RFC 1724 behavior of the IP_MULTICAST_IF
  		      ioctl has now been removed; may no longer
  		      be used to specify an interface index.
  		      struct ipmreqn should be used instead.</entry>
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