localized man pages

Miklos Magyari magyari at freemail.hu
Sat Oct 27 10:13:03 UTC 2007

> we must be able to do this with our groff 1.19.2, too. I'm not sure how
> to adjust man(1) to do it automatically, though. Miklos, the guy, who 
> volunteered to do some translation work on the manpages also claimed
> that he could see the translated manpages properly by using latin1 encoding 
> instead of ascii.

I've took a quick look in man's source.
There is a static struct called ltable at line 99 of


I've added a new entry:

"ISO8859-2", "latin1"

to prevent using ascii for rendering man pages when this codepage is set. 
With this change compiled & installed, man renders Hungarian man pages put under /usr/share/man/hu.ISO8859-2 like a charm, all special characters (both lower and upper case) are shown correctly (assuming hu_HU.ISO8859-2 locale is set). This is because latin1 is used and the output is not filtered through 'col'.

Of course I don't know if this small change breaks anything, but at least it makes Hungarian man pages working.



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