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-On [20070605 20:23], Chris Borokowski (athloi at wrote:
>Suggested top of page text:

[snip suggestion]

Of which page? The link from "Get FreeBSD"?

>The user is clueless and frustrated, but our
>introductory docs are often obfuscated.

Too much technospeak, true. On the other hand, Unix is also not quite for the
faint at heart. So we do need to strike a balance somewhere. IIRC you are also
a technical writer, so I think when it comes to defining audience you and I
both agree we do expect a basic proficiency in both computer software and
computer hardware.

Then again (rant-mode on), despite the overhaul on the frontpage it is still
cluttered. It is nice to have beastie there, but:

1) I thought the new FreeBSD logo was supposed to totally replace it for
   various reasons,
2) it takes up valuable screen estate (which already is being wasted by
   centering the page and throwing away left and right margins (which we try
   to balance out by using a miniscule font-size setting).

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