addition to Common Installation Problems for Alpha/AXP

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Thu Jul 19 16:42:05 UTC 2007


I just spent 2 days trying to install FBSD 6.2 on Alpha ds10l.
I think I finally got it. In the process I had to solve some problems
which to the best of my knowledge are not documented in any FBSD manual.

I think my experience might be useful to others. Therefore I'd like to
offer a short document on problems with disks previously used by
other OS on alpha. This will go nicely under section

4.2 Common Installation Problems for Alpha/AXP Architecture Users
(which is completely empty at the present)

of FreeBSD/alpha 6.2-RELEASE Installation Instructions

I think this is a relatively 'common' problem. I've seen some discussion
threads on various forums on this. However, there is nothing in the
'official' FBSD documentation. Moreover, the info is very fragmented
and therefore took me ages to figure out.

Let me know if anybody is interested in this.
At present this is a plain text document.

best regards

Anton Shterenlikht
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