Remove all SCSI devices for an IDE system?!

Ernst de Haan ernst at
Wed Jul 18 15:14:44 UTC 2007

The Handbook, section 8.4: 


    "SCSI controllers. Comment out any you do not have in your
     system. If you have an IDE only system, you can remove these


    "SCSI peripherals. Again, comment out any you do not have, or
     if you have only IDE hardware, you can remove them completely."

However, some IDE/SATA devices are interfaced through the SCSI  
subsystem, IIRC. This seems to be supported by what is written a few  
lines further down the text:

    # RAID controllers interfaced to the SCSI subsystem
    device          amr        # AMI MegaRAID
    device          arcmsr     # Areca SATA II RAID

Here a SATA2 RAID controller is listed as being linked to the SCSI  

My suggestion is to fix and/or clarify this text.



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