RFC: The end of the contributors article

Joel Dahl joel at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jan 15 15:56:41 UTC 2007

Mån 2007-01-15 klockan 21:22 +0900 skrev Hiroki Sato:
> Joel Dahl <joel at FreeBSD.org> wrote
>   in <1168765723.1100.13.camel at jesus.automatvapen.se>:
> jo> Sön 2007-01-14 klockan 01:57 +0900 skrev Hiroki Sato:
> jo> > Joel Dahl <joel at freebsd.org> wrote
> jo> >   in <1168633900.1082.38.camel at jesus.automatvapen.se>:
> jo> > jo> -  This information does not really belong in an article.
> jo> > 
> jo> >  Could you elaborate this?  As mentioned in the previous mail, I think
> jo> >  this information should be in an independent database file, not
> jo> >  belong in either article or an HTML page in the www tree.
> jo> 
> jo> Yes, I remember you suggesting this XX months ago, and I *really* like
> jo> the concept of storing developer information (such as login id, pgpkey,
> jo> current hats, commit bit type, location etc) in a database, but the
> jo> truth is that I haven't seen any progress since then.  I consider my
> jo> work to be the best solution in the meantime.
>  Sorry for my laziness...  I think your work does not conflict with the
>  idea, and updating the list is really great regardless of which tree
>  is used.
>  What I wanted to know is if you intend to restructure the list by
>  removing ones in the articles and maintaining a copy in the www tree
>  on a long term basis (from your post I thought you wanted to do so).
>  I am (still) planning to work on restructuring the list by using a
>  directory, so I just think I will need more discussion if the plan
>  conflicts with your idea.  If your proposed patch is committed now,
>  probably I will move the data part to a database in other than the
>  www tree when my patch is ready---but I do not want to make you
>  offended when I commit such a change.
>  So, well, please go ahead if you do not mind it since updating the
>  list is really important.  But if you have another plan such as
>  maintaining the list in an HTML page only, please elaborate the plan
>  in more detail.  Just I want to make sure.

I'm perfectly happy with a database and I don't think our plans conflict
with each other.  I want to improve the way we present the actual data
to our visitors, by updating and adding more content, and do some
restructuring (for example by moving it to www, which seems to be a more
natural place for this information).  What you want to do is
implementing a way to store the actual data in order for us to easily
access it from doc/www, which also would reduce the maintenance cost
significantly.  With such a database in place, I think it would be quite
easy to convert my work to take advantage it.  Maintaining it in plain
HTML is a PITA, and I'd like to avoid that if possible, of course.  :-)


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