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Tue Jan 9 06:24:59 UTC 2007

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            Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> writes:
: M. Warner Losh wrote:
: > I have a script that kinda automatically trolls the tree for the
: > current set of required acknowledgements.  I'd like to work it from
: > the PoC port of a NetBSD tool to an automated tool we can run for each
: > of the active branches we have.  We're currently not in compliance
: > with the advertising clause, and this will help...
: > 
: > Comments?
: I believe that FreeBSD should do it's level best to have a complete list of 
: contributors which acknowledge their work, regardless of the partial release 
: of the "BSD advertising clause" granted by the Regents.
: If you don't advertise, you are in compliance with the "BSD advertising 
: clause".  Does the FreeBSD project actually advertise?  Does it advertise 
: specific components under a 4-clause BSD license by "features or use" in 
: particular?
: Anyway, with regard to this tool, are you looking for help to write one, or 
: test it?  :-)  You mentioned something about a NetBSD tool; is it in ports? 
: Otherwise, a few minutes with shell commands gives a reasonable starting point:
: > find /usr/src -print0 | xargs -0 fgrep -hC 3 "All advertising materials mentioning features" | fgrep -A 1 "software developed by" | grep -v "4. The name of"  | cut -b 3-
: ...and then maybe through uniq, or maybe switching to Perl or Python would be 
: better.  :-)

the netbsd tool does this already, and deals with a bunch of special
cases.  I'd like for us to have two new pages.  The first is for
advertising clause compliance.  That's what the tool does, kinda.  it
needs a little refinement to deal with a couple of special cases and
to change its output from troff to sgml.  btw, what is advertising?
nobody knows...

Another tool is needed to get the copyright notices, regularize them
and produce another list.  This tool will produce a second page called
copyrights so we can have a complete list of all copyright
statements.  Thias does not include the license terms.

To be really anal-retentive, I suppose a third tool is needed to rip
the entire license from every file and create a monster file with them

My immediate goal is total automation of the first.


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