New tutorial: "libelf by Example"

Joseph Koshy joseph.koshy at
Thu Feb 8 14:27:02 UTC 2007


I've put up a draft of a tutorial introduction to the
ELF(3)/GELF(3) API in FreeBSD -current at the following

Your comments (on the content, style, figures, etc., etc.)
are solicited.

The original DocBook/SGML source to the tutorial may be
viewed at:

The figures in the tutorial have been drawn using
Metapost (which is part of the teTeX package and
thus part of our documentation toolchain).

There is a little bit of ugliness with respect to the
way <co> elements get numbered and rendered.  Using
<coref> elements could solve this problem, but <coref>
is not part of DocBook v4.1.  We'll need to bring in
DocBook v4.5 and update our freebsd.dsl macros to

FreeBSD Volunteer,

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