bin/118902: wrong signatures in d2i_RSAPublicKey man pages

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Fri Dec 21 17:00:05 UTC 2007

The following reply was made to PR docs/118902; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Pietro Cerutti <gahr at>
To: "Simon L. Nielsen" <simon at>
Cc: FreeBSD gnats submit <FreeBSD-gnats-submit at>
Subject: Re: bin/118902: wrong signatures in d2i_RSAPublicKey man pages
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 17:52:53 +0100

 Simon L. Nielsen wrote:
 > On 2007.12.20 21:30:34 +0100, Pietro Cerutti wrote:
 >> the signatures for the following functions:
 >>  d2i_RSAPublicKey
 >>  d2i_RSA_PUBKEY
 >>  d2i_RSAPrivateKey
 >>  d2i_Netscape_RSA
 >> are wrong in our man pages.
 > [...]
 > The manual pages are actually generated from the upstream POD
 > documentation (openssl/doc/crypto/d2i_RSAPublicKey.pod) so the changes
 > need to be made to the POD files.  Otherwise they will simply vanish
 > after next import.
 Please look at [2] for a patch to the POD file.
 > Any chance you could submit the changes directly to the OpenSSL
 > project [1]?  Then we would get the fixes when the next version of
 > OpenSSL is imported.
 I've already CC'ed openssl-dev on the original PR submit.
 I will fill a bug report on their Request Tracker.
 > Does the source changes fix actual bugs or is it just style/warning?
 > If they don't fix real bugs I would prefer for them also to go via
 > OpenSSL to not divert from upstream more than needed.
 The last one in the .diff file adds const'ness to a variable
 declaration, which I find quite important.
 The other ones simply remove useless casts.
 Pietro Cerutti
 PGP Public Key:

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