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doc@ CCed, they could make a FAQ out of this (or a oart of the  
linuxulaor chapter in the handbook).

> Hello,
> since a while, linux_base does not install a compiler
> any longer (whilst gcc-4.0.2-8.fc4.src.rpm still is

To satisfy the GPL for the binary libgcc RPM.

> In some circumstances (e.g. for me needing some
> linux .o files in a further freebsd Makefile) makes
> using linux_dist chroot impossible (or at least
> very clumsy).

Did you thought about building a cross-compiler instead?

> Would it be possible to reinclude gcc in linux_base or
> add a devel/linux32-gcc port
> (I made one locally which uses (not updated since a while) :

If we include such a port, people would expect that it just works. But  
this is not the case, it's dangerous. You can not guarantee that the  
linux gcc will pick up the right includes/libs. You can be lucky, or  
not (without noticing).

For this reason I suggest one of the linux_dist ports and a chroot  
into it when a complete linux-env is needed, and a cross-compiler when  
no autoconf-like processing in the linux-env has to be done. This is a  
much cleaner and safer solution.


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