status of 7.0

Ben Kaduk minimarmot at
Sat Aug 4 23:45:09 UTC 2007

On 8/3/07, Brad Davis <brd at> wrote:
> On 7/26/07, Sam Fourman Jr. <sfourman at> wrote:
> > does anyone know if the july snapshots for 7.0 are going to get built?
> > maybe i am looking in the worng spot but I didn't see them yet
> I have setup a sort of ad-hoc snapshots build host at:
> I'm trying to build snapshots every day, but the computer that is
> doing the building isn't 100% dedicated to that purpose yet. I expect
> that it will become 100% dedicated to the task sometime in the next
> few months.
> Regards,
> Brad Davis

Where will these daily snapshots be hosted?  I have a patch here for
the FAQ on the freebsd website; it currently claims that daily
snapshots are built and many (? -- don't remember exact wording) are
made available.  However, only has the
monthly snapshots, and I haven't found any ``official'' ones that are
more frequently updated.


Ben Kaduk

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