cvs commit: ports/lang/gcc42 Makefile

Andrew Pantyukhin infofarmer at
Mon Apr 9 12:48:43 UTC 2007

On 4/9/07, Gerald Pfeifer <gerald at> wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Apr 2007, Andrew Pantyukhin wrote:
> >>   Log:
> >>   lang/gfortran is gone; remove CONFLICTS.
> > Are you sure it's a good idea? We usually keep CONFLICTS around for
> > months/years after the conflicting port is gone to make life easier
> > for people who only update once in a long while.
> I consulted
> and
> and could not find anything on this question (either way, to be fair).
> In this specific case (lang/gfortran vs lang/gcc42) I am pretty sure that
> users won't run into this.  Among others, lang/gfortran has not been a
> dependency for quite a while (months, except for one fringe port which
> broke that dependency more than six weeks ago); MOVED has a redirect from
> lang/gfortran to lang/gcc42; and adding lang/gcc42 on top of lang/gfortran
> does not gain anything because these two have been pure aliases for quite
> some months.

Oh, I see. Thanks for explanation.

> (If you feel strongly about this, I have no objections to re-add the
> CONFLICTS line again.)

Not at all, I just thought I should ask.

> Adding a general recommendation along the lines of your comment to
> our Committer's Guide sounds like a good idea, though.  It'll help
> me remember this next time around. ;-)

Cool, thanks!

> Proposed patch below.  Is this portmgr material or can one of those
> doc committers around take care of that?

I don't think portmgr should be bothered, but let's cc
both them (in case they have strong feelings against)
and doc at . I'll file a PR with your patch if nobody picks
it up and if you don't file it first within a few days.

> Gerald
> --- article.sgml.orig   2007-04-09 14:23:55.168970750 +0200
> +++ article.sgml        2007-04-09 14:27:38.126904750 +0200
> @@ -2473,6 +2473,11 @@ docs:Documentation Bug:freebsd-doc:</pro
>               </listitem>
>             </itemizedlist>
> +           <para>When removing one of several conflicting ports, it is
> +             advisable to retain the <makevar>CONFLICT</makevar> entries
> +             in those other ports for a few months to cater for users who
> +             only update once in a while.</para>
> +
>             <para>Alternatively, you can use the <command>rmport</command>
>               script, from <filename role="directory">ports/Tools/scripts</filename>.
>               This script has been written by &a.vd;, who is also its current

Thanks much!

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