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Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at bsdly.net
Wed Apr 4 13:27:34 UTC 2007

"Andrew Pantyukhin" <infofarmer at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> To add the info into Handbook might be a good idea, but I
> just can't help smiling when I try to imagine how cvsup
> working through a dedicated tcp port can cause frustration.

The trend in packet filtering is to go for a default deny policy, and
we should expect users to find themselves behind filtering gateways
(aka firewalls) these days.  I haven't actually checked, but it would
not surprise me to find that significant chunks of the handbook were
originally written when the net was generally open and unfiltered.
Mentioning that the program needs a particular port open would quite
possibly remove that particular cause of frustration for more cvsup

> /etc/services is your friend.

Oh, certainly.  But it does not make the original suggestion less

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