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Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Mon Oct 23 23:41:55 UTC 2006

Cristian KLEIN wrote:
> Hi,
> I am sorry if I hit the wrong list, but there was to responsible person
> listed in this page:
> http://www1.ro.freebsd.org/docproj/current.html#handbooksection
> I would like to contribute to the firewall chapter of the FreeBSD
> Handbook. Specifically, I would like to write about dummynet,
> mixed-firewall environments (such as IPF + IPFW) and compiling firewalls
> as modules. Also, I haven't found any evidence of DEVICE_POLLING and
> LARGE_NAT. All this information is very common for "old" FreeBSD users,
> but I feel that new users should find out about this information
> directly from the handbook.
> I am not a native english speaker, but I think that once I have written
> something, it should be easier to correct it, rather that start from
> scratch.
> Please tell me whom I should contact. Please CC me, as I am not
> subscribed to this list.

No need to ask permission, just start writing. :) Once you think it's 
in shape to review, post a URL with the files to this list. Once it's 
in shape to submit, you can send it with send-pr, or perhaps someone 
will offer to commit it directly.




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