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Giorgos Keramidas keramida at freebsd.org
Wed Oct 11 18:43:02 UTC 2006

On 2006-10-11 09:57, Ganbold <ganbold at micom.mng.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I and my other colleagues are thinking to work on Mongolian translation 
> of FreeBSD handbook.

Cool :)

> So in this regard we have some questions:
> o What is the correct way to begin translation of FreeBSD handbook to
>   other languages?

o   One of the most useful things will be a 'mirror' or 'branch' of the
    doc/ tree in a repository where you can collaborate with others,
    prepare your changes, integrate them with the rest of the doc/ tree.

    For one-person teams, like me working on doc/el_GR.ISO8859-7/ this
    is not so important, since I can always rebase my own work on recent
    doc/ snapshots.

o   The next important thing will be a doc/FOO subdirectory where you
    keep your work.  Pick a name that matches the existing scheme, and
    stick to it.

o   If you don't already have a doc-committer in your team, it will also
    be nice to find someone who can review your changes, and push them
    to our CVS tree.  I don't know Mongolian, so I can't do this but
    other people from freebsd-doc may be able to help

> Are there any steps? Is there any docs/references which explains this?

The `fdp-primer' book is a good starting point.  It contains a lot of
useful information about how to work with the doc/ tree, what tools we
use, and other stuff which is constantly updated.

> Which is preferable method? To work on clear text or work with sgml files?

Ideally, it would be nice if you worked with SGML files, in a format
that can be committed directly to our CVS tree.

Having a repository with your work as a 'branch' of doc/ will make
things much much easier if you go this way.

> I appreciate if somebody can give us some advices and recommendations.

The best advice I can give you is:

    * Set up a repository for your own work

    * Start hacking the doc/mn_XXX/ tree already :)

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