docs/105494: [PATCH] PH: rewrite WxWidgets entry

Pav Lucistnik pav at
Mon Nov 13 23:00:58 UTC 2006

The following reply was made to PR docs/105494; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Pav Lucistnik <pav at>
To: Alejandro Pulver <alepulver at>
Cc: FreeBSD gnats submit <FreeBSD-gnats-submit at>
Subject: Re: docs/105494: [PATCH] PH: rewrite WxWidgets entry
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 23:52:28 +0100

 > >Number:         105494
 > >Synopsis:       [PATCH] PH: rewrite WxWidgets entry
 Some comments on your patch:
 - please keep using wxWidgets, with small first w. That's how the
   project is called, check for proof
 - please be consistent with double space after full stop
 > +	  be modified to found the expected version. Fortunately most of the
 - to find the expected version
 > +	  applications call the <command>wx-config</command> script to
 > +	  determine the necessary compiler and linker flags, which is named
 > +	  differently for all the available versions, and the majority of them
 > +	  also have a variable or accept a parameter to allow modifying
 > +	  it. Otherwise the applications could be modified to use one of
 - this overly long sentence is confusing! It could use a split into four
   standalone, clear ones. What about
 Fortunately, most of the applications call the wx-config script to
 determine the necessary compiler and linker flags. The script is named
 differently for every available version. Majority of applications
 respect an environment variable, or accept a configure argument, to
 specify which wx-config script to call. Otherwise they have to patched.
 > +	<para>The following is a list of available
 > +	  <application>WxWidgets</application> versions and the corresponding
 > +	  port in the tree:</para>
 - corresponding ports
 > +	  <para>The <literal>2.6</literal> version also comes in Unicode and
 - also comes in Unicode - version? variant? modification?
 > +		<entry><application>WxPython</application>
 - wxPython
 > +		<entry><application>WxMozilla</application></entry>
 - wxMozilla
 > +		<entry><application>WxSVG</application></entry>
 - wxSVG
 > +	<para>The dependency type added when you select each component can be
 > +	  manually specified by adding a suffix separated by a
 > +	  <literal>:</literal>, or a default value will be used. The available
 - this is confusing, please rephrase.
 The dependency type can be selected for each component by adding a
 suffix separated by a semicolon.
 > +	<para>The following variables are defined after defining one of the
 > +	  variables from <xref linkend="wx-ver-sel-table">.</para>
 - overuse of defined. What about
 The following variables are available in the port:
 > +		  <literal>wxrc</literal> program (with differen name)</entry>
 - with different name
 > +	    you modify the <application>Lua</application> port variables
 - should this really read Lua?
 > +	    <application>Lua</application> interpreter to obtain the full
 - again, should this read Lua?
 Awaiting corrected patch.
 Pav Lucistnik <pav at>
               <pav at>
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