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Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Sun May 21 15:00:25 UTC 2006

Jacques Kruger wrote:
> Our company, RTX-Technologies would like to build several WAN based
> solutions for our customers. We have decided to use FreeBSD as the operating
> system for all gateway appliances, and would like to submit a whitepaper
> once the implementation is of a sufficient size to talk about. Because this
> is a project from scratch, a lot might be gained for the community.
> Could someone please assist with the requirements for a whitepaper?
If you have existing documentation to contribute, you can either post it 
(or a link) to this list, or use send-pr to file a PR.  If you're asking 
how to produce documentation similar to that being used in the Handbook 
or elsewhere, please see:


(It's quite possible to write a whitepaper as an SGML article using the 
DocBook framework and get very nice results, although LaTeX is also 
worth considering.  However, you don't really have to learn XML/SGML 
markup if you have plaintext copy, there are people around this list who 
can do the SGML markup from the plaintext for you, at least if the 
content is deemed sufficiently useful to motivate someone to volunteer. :-)

Thanks for your interest in improving FreeBSD,

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