DNS part of the manual

Leo Hauptmann leo.hauptmann at gmail.com
Mon May 15 15:16:04 UTC 2006

> I'm sorry for your frustration, but notwithstanding what I said above, the
> FreeBSD Handbook should not become a full-featured DNS instruction manual.

I agree. However, if there were no basic instructions many chapters
that exist at this moment could be truncated into 1-5 lines of text.
Some other chapters show very nice balance between "mastering the art"
and providing only the bare necessities. The Kerberos5 chapter comes
into my mind as an example of that.

> DNS is a very complex area, and as you've discovered it is difficult to get
> it right. There are several on line help forums for this topic, the best of

In a basic situation it seems quite simple to me. I wouldn't run
anything serious with this little knowledge but it is humming nicely
in my virtualized environment. What was difficult was finding
information. When I managed to gather all the required pieces the
actual concepts and configuration was rather easy.

If I had a good overview at the beginning finding the rest would have
been faster and easier. The Bind8 specific dns chapter had a lot of
that but it also lacked some parts. But yeah, that's all subjective.

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