Installing Services at University of South Australia

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon May 1 08:20:43 UTC 2006


Harish Sukumar wrote:
> some documents that I can use to configure services like samba (As PDC),
> DNS,DHCP, LDAP and So on. Currently we are trying to deploy FreeBSD on

you must differentiate between FreeBSD and the services or applications 
you want to run.

Just get the handbook from for FreeBSD and its services 

You also can get the handbooks for Samba, CUPS ... at their web sites.

> almost all the research labs the question is should we go for FreeBSD or
> Linux (Redhat). So please provide me with some documents and lets
> together make FreeBSD more widely used operating system. 

It will not matter whether you are using Linux or FreeBSD. You will 
always face the problem that you will have to understand the 
documentation before you can start a successful implementation.


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