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Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Thu Jul 20 17:14:03 UTC 2006

On 2006.07.21 00:41:55 +0900, Hideyuki KURASHINA wrote:

> ("pub/FreeBSD/doc/ja" is a directory at this time, but should be
>  an alias to "pub/FreeBSD/doc/ja_JP.eucJP" directory.)
> Simon points that the stale documents on our master FTP sites
> need to be removed manually, but I don't have access to it.
> So, could someone please handle this item, or give me a pointer
> that who is responsible for this kind of matter?

hrs@ poked me via IRC and it seems that it's only on ftp-master there
was a problem with a stale ja directory and not on builder (where the
docs are built).  I cleaned out the ja directory and made a symlink

> By the way, I noticed doc/{bn_BD.ISO10646-1,da_DK.ISO8859-1} don't
> have any aliases.
> Just a thought, how about create following aliases on the FTP site?
>   pub/FreeBSD/doc/bn_BD.ISO10646-1 -> pub/FreeBSD/doc/bn
>   pub/FreeBSD/doc/da_DK.ISO8859-1  -> pub/FreeBSD/doc/da

I very intentionally didn't create it for "bn" when that was added
since I don't see the point in having them for "new" translations.

Notice the variable in the Makefile which creates the symlink is
called "COMPAT_SYMLINK".  The only reason I see of those symlinks is
to preserve old URL's, other than that I think they just make the
directory listing of our doc/ directories (both on ftp and the web
site) harder to navigate.

Anyway, that's my 0.02$CURRENCY.

Simon L. Nielsen
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