New article: FreeBSD PXEBoot Guide

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Sun Jul 16 09:32:31 UTC 2006


I have written an article for FreeBSD - FreeBSD PXEBoot Guide.

The article describes how to use pxeboot for network booting, both for
jumpstart installation and diskless clients. I found that the existing
articles, pxe and diskless-x are either outdated, lacks important
details or both (at least I needed more details).

Since jumpstart and diskless shares a lot on the server side, I thought
it appropriate to cover both in the same article.

There are some sections that I am still working on (the diskless stuff),
but I think that the article is mature enough to be useful, and I would
appreciate if anyone have time to look and comment on it.

To read the latest build, check

To download the sgml source, check

This is my first article I've written for FreeBSD and the first in
docbook, so there are likely some errors. In particular I've had the
problem that


gives an error, and without the <command>-tag it's not typeset as
commands. Also, no link the man-page is created.

Also, I think there are inconsistencies in my use of <command>,
<filename> and <literal> as well as when to specify absolute paths or
just the filename will suffice.

I appreciate any comments or corrections.

Thanks, Erik
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