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va> On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 09:49:35PM +0900, Hiroki Sato wrote:
va> >  I am just wondering if we discussed the pros and cons of adding
va> >  a document which do not have the English counterpart into our
va> >  repository.  IMHO, books/zh-tut's structure is not consistent
va> >  with other FDP docs.
va> You mean if we want to add document into zh_TW.Big5 directory,
va> We need doceng@ approve? or something like that?

 This is not an simple issue if it should be approved by doceng@ (or
 others) or not at this moment.  We have a consensus on adding new
 translations into non-English directories, but there
 is no common view about adding something other than
 the translations into there (AFAIK).

 I think this should be discussed because it affects a point
 of view about release engineering.  If we allow to add useful
 documents in only non-English languages into localized directories
 independently from the English documents, we can no longer assume
 the localized directories include translation of the English
 (original) ones only.  And if we do so, I personally think it
 should be done in a way that makes translating from non-English
 to English easier as the English documents do, at least.

 The current FDP's directory structure and build infrastructure
 are designed based on this idea; the English ones are official and
 original.  So we should be more careful when adopting ideas
 inconsistent with it.

 We are primarily responsible for maintaining the original
 documents up-to-date and we are thinking the localized documents
 in the doc tree as translations of them, so we currently think
 updating the translated ones in a timely manner is not mandatory
 during a release cycle.  Importing non-English original document
 breaks such a assumption.  This is what I am concerned about it.

va> zh-tut is the toturial to help user to setup Chinese env,
va> it's helpful for newbie who without any experience.

 I would like your comments about the cons of the import of
 such documents.

| Hiroki SATO
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