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Thu Feb 23 00:14:15 UTC 2006

chris at wrote:
> Hello,
> why not try freebsd-questions instead of the document project mailing
> lists and also if you are a Linux reseller why would it involve us ? Try
> getting your act together before asking to be added to a web site.
> Regards,
> Chris
>>We are a UK based Linux reseller and were wondering if we could be added
>>to your
>>vendor listings. continues to donate to the Linux community
>>Distrowatch who make monthly donations pooled from resellers and
>>companies. Our
>>donations have been made to  Mplayer, Amarok, Kanotix and the Cacti
>>project to
>>name a few.
>>Our details can be found below:

Hey, no need to be angry, I guess. If one take a few seconds will notice 
that the mentioned Web site sells FreeBSD along with other BSD systems

and also, a lot of Linux distros too.

This reseller profile is just like the average of the profiles listed at

Which lists a number of other sites that sells FreeBSD, other BSDs and a 
lot of Linux. Some of them even treat FreeBSD as a "Linux Distro" under 
their menus, and are still listed anyway.

More. They state they make monthly donations to great software 
develoment such as mplayer and cacti (sorry I dont run the others, so I 
just dont know if they are that great hehe).

Would one day FreeBSD Project or BSD Certification efforts be target for 
their donations? I dont know, hope so. Anyway direct funding great 3rd 
party software which runs so nicely under BSD is still great.

I believe the guy asked in such a very polite and direct way how to get 
listed somewhere. I think he has shown the credentials. If they are 
enought or not, I have no idea. Anyway here seems to be the right place 
and the mentioned Web site is not different from many of the ones 
already listed.

Hey Ed guy usually the path to follow is do yourself the changes you 
would like to see in the correspondent sgml file and take a diff between 
your midified version and the most recent one, sending it as a proposed 
patch via send-pr(1), with a description (just like the one you sent 
here) and follow the status of your PR in the Web site. Or, if you are 
lucky, find someone to sgml it for you in this list. I suggest you try 
the first approach first =)

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