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Mon Feb 13 11:00:50 UTC 2006

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/05/24] docs/27605  doc         [patch] Cross-document references (<olink
s [2002/03/08] docs/35678  doc         docproj Makefiles for web are broken for 
o [2002/03/21] docs/36168  doc         -pthread/_THREAD_SAFE docs missing in gcc
o [2003/12/29] docs/60679  doc         [patch] pthread(3): pthreads documentatio
o [2004/01/20] docs/61605  doc         [feature request] Improve documentation f
s [2004/10/03] docs/72285  doc         gcc(1) manuals are out of sync
o [2004/10/19] docs/72897  doc         ERRATA and RELNOTES are missing warnings 
o [2005/02/25] docs/78062  doc         Sample Echo Pseudo-Device Driver for Free
o [2005/02/27] docs/78154  doc         [PATCH] Make en_US FreeBSD Handbook more 
o [2005/03/03] docs/78357  doc         getaddrinfo(3)'s AI_ADDRCONFIG not docume
o [2005/04/13] docs/79857  doc         ntp(8) manpage is wrong
o [2005/05/10] docs/80843  doc         [patch] psm(4): Suggested fix for psm0 / 
o [2005/06/15] docs/82296  doc         ttys(5) man page misleads about use for n
o [2005/08/14] docs/84932  doc         new document: printing with an Epson ALC-

14 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2000/07/19] docs/20028  doc         ASCII docs should reflect <emphasis> tags
o [2001/02/02] docs/24786  doc         missing FILES descriptions in sa(4)
o [2001/04/02] docs/26286  doc         *printf(3) etc should gain format string 
o [2001/07/26] docs/29245  doc         top(1) manpage doesn't understand SMP
a [2001/08/23] docs/30008  doc         [patch] French softupdates document shoul
s [2001/10/07] docs/31109  doc         [patch] replace gif images w/ png ones du
s [2002/01/05] docs/33589  doc         [patch] to to post process
o [2002/01/14] docs/33852  doc         split(1) man page implies that input file
o [2002/01/14] docs/33877  doc         [patch] chflags(2): documented behaviour 
a [2002/02/16] docs/35011  doc         There are no commands called "diskless" o
o [2002/02/22] docs/35222  doc         [patch] getmsg.cgi: mailing list archive 
o [2002/03/06] docs/35608  doc         mt(1) page uses "setmark" without explana
o [2002/03/06] docs/35609  doc         mt(1) page needs explanation of "long era
o [2002/03/06] docs/35612  doc         ps(1) page "state" description doesn't me
o [2002/03/07] docs/35642  doc         lo(4) page maybe should document optional
o [2002/03/07] docs/35644  doc         lo(4) page presumes familiarity with prin
o [2002/03/07] docs/35646  doc         cp(1) page needs a "Bugs" section.
o [2002/03/08] docs/35686  doc         blackhole(4) page seems to contradict its
o [2002/03/10] docs/35732  doc         adduser(8) page has obsolete reference an
o [2002/03/16] docs/35943  doc         at(1) config files are misplaced in /var/
o [2002/03/16] docs/35953  doc         hosts.equiv(5) manual is confusing or wro
o [2002/03/28] docs/36432  doc         Proposal for doc/share/mk: make folded bo
o [2002/03/29] docs/36449  doc         symlink(7) manual doesn't mention trailin
o [2002/05/27] docs/38620  doc         suggestion: minor rework of question in C
o [2002/05/31] docs/38772  doc         firewall_type feature not mentioned on Ha
o [2002/06/07] docs/38982  doc         [patch] developers-handbook/Jail fix
o [2002/06/15] docs/39348  doc         diskless(8): note that kenv fetch of host
o [2002/06/19] docs/39530  doc         access(2) man page has unnecessarily broa
o [2002/06/25] docs/39824  doc         Various tweaks for doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/bo
o [2002/07/10] docs/40423  doc         Keyboard(4)'s definition of parameters to
o [2002/07/21] docs/40851  doc         [PATCH] "mergemaster -p" in UPDATING's "C
o [2002/07/28] docs/41089  doc         pax(1) -B option does not mention interac
o [2002/08/20] docs/41807  doc         [patch] natd(8): document natd -punch_fw 
o [2002/08/20] docs/41820  doc         Device driver confusion in Handbook (sect
o [2002/10/04] docs/43651  doc         stab(5) incorrectly states to include jus
o [2002/10/08] docs/43823  doc         [PATCH] update to environ(7) manpage
o [2002/10/09] docs/43861  doc         non-trivial typo in wicontrol(8) man page
o [2002/10/11] docs/43941  doc         document the Rationale for Upgrade Sequen
o [2002/10/15] docs/44074  doc         [patch] ln(1) manual clarifications
o [2002/10/29] docs/44594  doc         Handbook doesn't mention drivers.flp for 
o [2002/12/02] docs/45940  doc         burncd(1) missing info
o [2002/12/11] docs/46196  doc         [patch] menu_format(3): Missing return va
o [2002/12/16] docs/46291  doc         correlation between HZ kernel config para
o [2002/12/16] docs/46295  doc         please add information to Nvi recovery em
o [2003/01/28] docs/47575  doc         [patch] ipfw(8): Clarify requirements for
o [2003/01/28] docs/47594  doc         [PATCH] passwd(5) incorrectly states allo
o [2003/02/02] docs/47818  doc         [patch] ln(1) manpage is confusing
o [2003/02/08] docs/48101  doc         [patch] add documentation on the fixit di
o [2003/03/06] docs/48980  doc         [patch] nsgmls -s errors and sect. 3.2.1 
o [2003/03/23] docs/50211  doc         [PATCH] fix textfile crea
o [2003/04/03] docs/50573  doc         resolver(3): return values for res_query/
o [2003/05/06] docs/51875  doc         [patch] atkbd(4) adjustment
o [2003/05/06] docs/51891  doc         DIAGNOSTICS in ed(4) driver manpage don't
o [2003/05/07] docs/51921  doc         [patch] ls(1) manpage lacks some informat
o [2003/05/11] docs/52071  doc         [PATCH] Add more information about soft u
o [2003/06/21] docs/53575  doc         Change to Handbook Section 20.9 (SMTP Aut
o [2003/06/21] docs/53596  doc         Updates to mt(1) manual page
o [2003/06/25] docs/53732  doc         quota output and quota(1) man page do not
o [2003/07/13] docs/54451  doc         [patch] i386_get_ldt(2): i386_{get|set}_l
o [2003/07/26] docs/54879  doc         jot(1) -r description
s [2003/08/12] docs/55482  doc         document the fact that DUMP has access to
o [2003/09/24] docs/57153  doc         S_IRWXU missing in fstat(2) man page?
o [2003/09/30] docs/57388  doc         [patch] INSTALL.TXT enhancement: mention 
o [2003/10/04] docs/57569  doc         error on gensetdefs(8) man page
o [2003/10/13] docs/57926  doc         [patch] amd.conf(5) poorly format as it h
o [2003/10/13] docs/57974  doc         man page apropos for select macros (FD_SE
o [2003/10/28] docs/58615  doc         [patch] update for Vinum chapter of Handb
o [2003/10/30] docs/58710  doc         killpg(2) contains an error regarding sen
o [2003/11/07] docs/59044  doc         [patch] does not properly 
o [2003/11/19] docs/59477  doc         Outdated Info Documents at
o [2003/11/30] docs/59835  doc         ipfw(8) man page does not warn about acce
o [2003/12/23] docs/60529  doc         resolver(5) man page is badly out of date
o [2003/12/24] docs/60544  doc         [patch] getenv(3) manpage doesn't state t
o [2004/01/08] docs/61070  doc         handbook: Installation docs misleading:  
o [2004/01/13] docs/61301  doc         [patch] Manpage patch for aue(4) to enabl
o [2004/01/21] docs/61667  doc         Obsolete documentation on FreeBSD PnP
o [2004/01/25] docs/61859  doc         ddb(4): Incorrect informaiton about trace
o [2004/02/06] docs/62412  doc         one of the diskless boot methods describe
o [2004/02/12] docs/62719  doc         cross-reference pccardd(8) and devd(8)
o [2004/02/12] docs/62724  doc         [patch] host(1) manpage does not include 
o [2004/02/22] docs/63215  doc         Wrong prototypes in mi_switch(9) (ref doc
o [2004/03/27] docs/64807  doc         Handbook section on NAT incomplete
o [2004/04/02] docs/65065  doc         [patch] improper language ntpd(8) man pag
o [2004/04/13] docs/65477  doc         release notes: installation instruction f
o [2004/04/14] docs/65530  doc         [patch] minor improvement to getgrent(3)
o [2004/05/04] docs/66264  doc         [patch] libexec/rtld/rtld.1 typo fixes no
o [2004/05/04] docs/66265  doc         [patch] Document what -f and LD_TRACE_LOA
o [2004/05/05] docs/66296  doc         [patch] contrib/amd/amq/amq.8 uses log_op
o [2004/05/07] docs/66343  doc         [patch] unlisted supported card on man pa
o [2004/05/10] docs/66483  doc         [patch] share/man/man4/csa.4 grammar nits
o [2004/05/17] docs/66768  doc         4_RELENG share/man/man4/ng_one2many.4 MFC
o [2004/05/17] docs/66770  doc         [patch] share/man/man4/ng_pppoe.4 tyops, 
o [2004/05/23] docs/67078  doc         [patch] MFC of a rtld(1) man page is inco
f [2004/06/10] docs/67806  doc         [patch] Let 5.x users know how to boot in
o [2004/06/13] docs/67893  doc         [patch] boot(8)'s -m description is insuf
o [2004/06/28] docs/68453  doc         [patch] rc.subr.8
o [2004/07/09] docs/68843  doc         Dates on rc.subr(8) & rc(8) are whack.
o [2004/07/09] docs/68845  doc         The .At macro produces unexpected results
o [2004/07/21] docs/69383  doc         disklabel = bsdlabel in 5.X or later
o [2004/08/01] docs/69861  doc         [patch] usr.bin/csplit/csplit.1 does not 
o [2004/08/09] docs/70217  doc         [patch] Suggested rewrite of docproj/sgml
o [2004/08/20] docs/70697  doc         pcm(4) is out of date
o [2004/09/10] docs/71555  doc         handbook: changes for how to run matlab o
o [2004/09/13] docs/71690  doc         [patch] inaccurate information in systat(
f [2004/09/21] docs/71980  doc         Handbook says that no other software is k
o [2004/10/06] docs/72383  doc         manpage for awk(1) is terribly small and 
o [2004/11/06] docs/73583  doc         [patch] add missing instructions to ndis(
o [2004/11/07] docs/73638  doc         ipfw(8): Clarify syntax for use of tables
o [2004/11/08] docs/73679  doc         FreeBSD 5.3 Release notes mention new nat
o [2004/11/28] docs/74477  doc         [patch] Correct several links in the cont
o [2004/12/02] docs/74612  doc         [patch] updates to the glossary
o [2004/12/14] docs/75068  doc         login.conf(5) manual page says nothing ab
o [2004/12/28] docs/75577  doc         [patch] typos in man3 manual pages, login
o [2005/01/05] docs/75865  doc         comments on "backup-basics" in handbook
o [2005/01/09] docs/75995  doc         hcreate(3) documentation(?) bug
o [2005/01/11] docs/76094  doc         handbooke: incorrect statement about part
o [2005/01/17] docs/76333  doc         [patch] ferror(3): EOF indicator can be c
o [2005/01/20] docs/76515  doc         [patch] misleading use of make -j flag in
o [2005/02/04] docs/77087  doc         [patch] the bootvinum script given in the
o [2005/02/24] docs/78041  doc         [patch] docs for md(4) need further expla
o [2005/02/27] docs/78138  doc         [patch] Error in pre-installation section
o [2005/03/01] docs/78240  doc         [patch] handbook: replace <literal> with 
o [2005/03/06] docs/78479  doc         [patch] getsockopt(2): SO_NOSIGPIPE socke
o [2005/03/06] docs/78480  doc         Networked printer setup unnecessarily com
o [2005/03/07] docs/78520  doc         error in man(5) lpd.conf, lpd.perms pages
o [2005/03/16] docs/78915  doc         rfork(2)'s RFTHREAD is not documented
o [2005/03/23] docs/79156  doc         buffersize knob for sound(4) is a tunable
o [2005/04/18] docs/80070  doc         [patch] Wrong dbm_close return value desc
o [2005/04/20] docs/80159  doc         [patch] rtld(1) mentions "%m" but it's no
o [2005/05/11] docs/80871  doc         terminfo(5) man page source corrupted
o [2005/06/01] docs/81776  doc         ifconfig(8) man page not updated with car
o [2005/06/10] docs/82114  doc         ndisapi(9) manual page cross-referenced b
o [2005/06/21] docs/82481  doc         tar(1)/gtar(1) man page mod request
o [2005/06/22] docs/82508  doc         misleading man page for basename(3)/dirna
o [2005/06/24] docs/82595  doc         25.5.3 Configuring a bridge section of th
o [2005/06/29] docs/82779  doc         [patch] Kill entry for ddb manpage
o [2005/07/17] docs/83621  doc         [patch]: Minor omissions in /usr/src/UPDA
p [2005/07/26] docs/84101  doc         [patch] mt(1) manpage has erroneous synop
o [2005/07/27] docs/84154  doc         Handbook somewhat off in use of /boot/ker
o [2005/07/29] docs/84265  doc         [patch] chmod(1) manpage omits implicatio
p [2005/07/29] docs/84266  doc         [patch] security(8) manpage should have i
o [2005/07/29] docs/84267  doc         [patch] chflags(1) manual doesn't say it'
o [2005/07/29] docs/84268  doc         chmod(1) manpage's BUGS entry is either w
o [2005/07/29] docs/84317  doc         fdp-primer doesn't show class=USERNAME di
o [2005/07/31] docs/84408  doc         [patch] dump(8) manpage doesn't require a
o [2005/08/02] docs/84467  doc         [patch] bsdlabel(8) manpage uses archaic 
s [2005/08/03] docs/84519  doc         [patch] mdoc(7) manpage needs more about 
o [2005/08/04] docs/84538  doc         sk(4) driver supports Marvell 88E800x chi
o [2005/08/04] docs/84549  doc         [patch] errno(2) manpage uses "<...>" for
s [2005/08/04] docs/84550  doc         mdoc(7) manpage erroneously requires SYNO
o [2005/08/07] docs/84645  doc         intro(6) manpage should always be install
o [2005/08/08] docs/84670  doc         [patch] tput(1) manpage missing ENVIRONME
o [2005/08/10] docs/84764  doc         [patch] hosts.equiv(5) manpage should SEE
o [2005/08/11] docs/84790  doc         [patch] Error in SYSCALL_MODULE(9) manual
o [2005/08/11] docs/84806  doc         mdoc(7) manpage has section ordering prob
o [2005/08/12] docs/84849  doc         [patch] fdisk(8) manpage doesn't warn fdi
o [2005/08/14] docs/84913  doc         bsdlabel(8) manpage seems wrong about fsi
o [2005/08/15] docs/84955  doc         [patch] mdoc(7) manpage should mention mi
o [2005/08/15] docs/84956  doc         [patch] intro(5) manpage doesn't mention 
o [2005/08/15] docs/84961  doc         [patch] Sync NDIS documentation with real
o [2005/08/17] docs/85062  doc         [patch] tr(1) manpage omits several chara
o [2005/08/17] docs/85063  doc         [patch] expand(1) manpage needs to clarif
o [2005/08/17] docs/85066  doc         [patch] builtin(1) manpage has incomplete
o [2005/08/18] docs/85097  doc         [patch] devd.conf.5 lacks a lot of vital 
o [2005/08/18] docs/85100  doc         NOTES: ICH audio device support statement
o [2005/08/19] docs/85118  doc         [PATCH] opiekey(1) references non-existin
o [2005/08/19] docs/85127  doc         [patch] loader(8) manpage uses too-rare "
o [2005/08/19] docs/85128  doc         loader.conf(5) autoboot_delay incompletly
o [2005/08/21] docs/85186  doc         [patch] ktrace(1) manpage doesn't warn ab
o [2005/08/21] docs/85187  doc         [patch] find(1) manpage missing block inf
o [2005/08/22] docs/85209  doc         pfsync(4) man page corrections
o [2005/08/23] docs/85243  doc         Missing icmp related abbreviations for pf
o [2005/08/27] docs/85353  doc         [patch] minor cosmetic/punctuation change
s [2005/08/29] docs/85425  doc         fido (watchdog) device /dev/fido not docu
o [2005/09/11] docs/85986  doc         FreeBSD keyword missing if you display se
o [2005/09/13] docs/86044  doc         jail(8) missing crucial mount in startup 
o [2005/09/19] docs/86342  doc         bikeshed entry of Handbook is wrong
o [2005/09/29] docs/86733  doc         [patch] handbook: add using kldload as an
o [2005/10/19] docs/87681  doc         [patch] correct gettimeofday(2) manpage, 
o [2005/10/20] docs/87698  doc         Missing manual entry for rc.conf.local
o [2005/10/23] docs/87857  doc         ifconfig(8) wireless options order matter
o [2005/10/24] docs/87936  doc         Handbook chapter on NIS/YP lacks good inf
o [2005/11/03] docs/88464  doc         not enough information in devfs.rules(5) 
o [2005/11/04] docs/88477  doc         Possible addition to xl(4) manpage, Diagn
o [2005/11/04] docs/88503  doc         mkuzip(8) references nonexistant geom_uzi
o [2005/11/05] docs/88512  doc         [patch] mount_ext2fs(8) man page has no d
o [2005/11/20] docs/89325  doc         [PATCH] Clarification of kbdmap(5), atkbd
o [2005/11/24] docs/89492  doc         vfs doc: some VOP_*(9) manual pages are o
o [2005/11/30] docs/89747  doc         [PATCH] faq: s/kbd0/ukbd0/ when USB keybo
o [2005/12/06] docs/90042  doc         [patch] acpi(4) should mention that ACPI_
o [2005/12/16] docs/90498  doc         [patch] wrong parameter name to function 
o [2005/12/20] docs/90711  doc         missing man page for sigtimedwait(2)
o [2005/12/31] docs/91149  doc         read(2) can return EINVAL for unaligned a
o [2006/01/04] docs/91297  doc         restore(8) man page not accurate?
o [2006/01/07] docs/91448  doc         [patch] fdc(4) man page refers to non-exi
o [2006/01/08] docs/91506  doc         ndis(4) man page should be more specific 
o [2006/01/08] docs/91507  doc         ndis(4) man page references non-existing 
f [2006/01/12] docs/91708  doc         Non write tag=releng_6_0 in handbook
o [2006/01/14] docs/91797  doc         Documentation for ndis wrapper is out of 
o [2006/01/15] docs/91823  doc         fix typo of reference link
o [2006/01/26] docs/92342  doc         Enjoin to use the sh exec statement in th
o [2006/01/31] docs/92576  doc         mkuzip.8 improvements
o [2006/01/31] docs/92626  doc         jail manpage should mention disabling som
o [2006/02/01] docs/92699  doc         misleading chapter in handbook
o [2006/02/02] docs/92745  doc         [patch] Add FreeBSD list of projects and 
o [2006/02/06] docs/92885  doc         Meanless sentence in handbook?
o [2006/02/08] docs/93014  doc         minor nits in the project model book (dev
o [2006/02/08] docs/93039  doc         remove articles/java-tomcat
o [2006/02/10] docs/93130  doc         addition to handbook section 14.11 Open S
o [2006/02/12] docs/93249  doc         rewrite of handbook chapter 23 (PPP & SLI

210 problems total.

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