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Sat Aug 5 04:40:24 UTC 2006

>Number:         101391
>Category:       docs
>Synopsis:       [UPDATE] zh_TW: Update handbook/multimedia to SVN#963
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>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    freebsd-doc
>State:          open
>Class:          update
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sat Aug 05 04:40:18 GMT 2006
>Originator:     chinsan
>Release:        FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE i386
FreeBSD Taiwan
System: FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE #1: Fri Jun 2 16:44:35 CST 2006 root at i386

 - Update handbook/multimedia to SVN#963
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--- zh_TW.Big5.20060805_4.diff begins here ---
diff -ruN zh_TW.Big5.orig/books/handbook/multimedia/chapter.sgml zh_TW.Big5/books/handbook/multimedia/chapter.sgml
--- zh_TW.Big5.orig/books/handbook/multimedia/chapter.sgml	Mon Jul  3 23:53:46 2006
+++ zh_TW.Big5/books/handbook/multimedia/chapter.sgml	Sat Aug  5 12:26:48 2006
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@
-	 <contrib>Enhanced for &os; 5.X by </contrib>
+	 <contrib>¥[±j &os; 5.X ªº¤º®e¡G</contrib>
 	 <!-- 13 September 2004 -->
@@ -123,35 +123,31 @@
     <indexterm><primary>sound cards</primary></indexterm>
     <para>¶}©l³]©w¤§«e¡A¥²¶·¥ýª¾¹D§Aªº­µ®Ä¥d«¬¸¹¡B´¹¤ù¬°¦ó¡A¥H¤Î¬O PCI ©Î ISA ³W®æ¡C
-      FreeBSD ¦³¤ä´©³\¦hºØªº PCI¡BISA ­µ®Ä¥d¡A
-      Check the supported audio devices list of the <ulink
-      url="&rel.current.hardware;">Hardware Notes</ulink> to see if
-      your card is supported.  This document will also mention which
-      driver supports your card.</para>
+      FreeBSD ¦³¤ä´©³\¦hºØªº PCI¡BISA ­µ®Ä¥d¡A½ÐÀˬd¤ä´©ªº­µ®ÄµwÅéªí <ulink
+      url="&rel.current.hardware;">Hardware Notes</ulink>¡A¥H½T»{§Aªº­µ®Ä¥d¬O§_¤ä´©¡C
+      ¥»¤å¤]·|´£¨ì¬Û¹ïÀ³¸Ó¥dªºÅX°Êµ{¦¡¡C</para>
-    <para>To use your sound device, you will need to load the proper
-      device driver.  This may be accomplished in one of two ways.
-      The easiest way is to simply load a kernel module for your sound
-      card with &man.kldload.8; which can either be done from the
-      command line:</para>
+    <para>­n¨Ï¥Î­µ®Ä¥d¡A¥²¶·­n¸ü¤J¥¿½TªºÅX°Êµ{¦¡¤~¦æ¡C¦³¨âºØ¤è¦¡³£¥i¥H§¹¦¨³o°Ê§@¡A
+      ³Ì²³æ¤è¦¡´N¬O¥H &man.kldload.8; ¨Ó»´ÃP¸ü¤J kernel °ÊºA¼Ò²Õ(module)¡A
+      ¹³¬O¤U¦C«ü¥O¡G</para>
     <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>kldload snd_emu10k1</userinput></screen>
-    <para>or by adding the appropriate line to the file
-      <filename>/boot/loader.conf</filename> like this:</para>
+    <para>©ÎªÌ§â¬ÛÃöÅX°Êµ{¦¡¥[¨ì 
+      <filename>/boot/loader.conf</filename> ÀÉ¡A¹³¬O¡G</para>
-    <para>These examples are for a Creative &soundblaster; Live! sound
-      card.  Other available loadable sound modules are listed in
-      <filename>/boot/defaults/loader.conf</filename>.
-      If you are not sure which driver to use, you may try to load
-      the <filename>snd_driver</filename> module:</para>
+    <para>¤W­±¨Ò¤l¬Oµ¹ Creative &soundblaster; Live! ­µ®Ä¥d¨Ï¥Îªº¡C
+      ¨ä¥L¥i¥Îªº­µ®Ä¥dÅX°Êµ{¦¡¼Ò²Õ¡A¥i°Ñ¦Ò
+      <filename>/boot/defaults/loader.conf</filename> ½d¨Ò¡C
+      ­Y¤£½T©w¨ì©³¸Ó¥Î­þ¤@ºØÅX°Êµ{¦¡¡A¨º»ò¥i¥H¸Õ¸Õ¸ü¤J <filename>snd_driver</filename>
+      ¼Ò²Õ¬Ý¬Ý¡G</para>
     <screen>&prompt.root; <userinput>kldload snd_driver</userinput></screen>
--- zh_TW.Big5.20060805_4.diff ends here ---


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