Moving to the new website redesign

Emily Boyd soc-emily at
Thu Sep 15 17:55:37 UTC 2005


>> You can adjust the text-size, check the upper-right corner on the
>> website.
> There would be no need for this if absolute values for the size would be 
> used.

When I did the website, I did a fair bit of research on
best practices for CSS font sizing. I've used percentages that were
specifically chosen as they equal standard web font sizes; they have
been tested extensively and look the same on every browser/platform. The
method I've used is also the best for accessibility as it does not
override the user's preferences and allows font resizing in every browser.

The font size used is pretty standard (used by Microsoft, IBM, etc);
here's a quick comparison of body text sizes that I did while working on (the new FreeBSD site uses the same font):


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