Immediate Question (Help!)

John Baez jbaez444 at
Wed Oct 12 20:22:58 UTC 2005

Dear: Members
   Im a newbie and im downloading the packages via ftp.  My question is, I have seen the many folders available ,but my concern is with the PACKAGES folder.  How much is enough and which should be of choice, so far from reading I've been reading your online doc's, I decided to dl the ( x (files), www, graphichs, emulator among other which I think are important.    
 Do I really need the Latest folder?  (It seems very lengthy is it necessary?)  Please get back to me on this.  I think that the folder (latest) is just direct acess for ftp use from freebsd in case something is not found.
Please let me know what should be of main use from the Packages folder.  I need some help with that.
                                                                                                       New Found Enthusiast

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