FAQ Updates

Jordan Sissel psionic at csh.rit.edu
Thu Oct 6 07:45:17 UTC 2005

Howdy :)

The sysadmin faq:

I feel a few entries could use some more information:


10.13, how to disable ctrl+alt+del
This entry mentions two options that require kernel recompilation.
However, another solution is available through keymap(5) which includes
disabling the 'boot' command sent via the default keymap.

You can edit the keymap or make your own from an existing one. The
default keymaps are here:

This change doesn't require a kernel recompilation and thus not a
reboot. You can change your keymap at runtime with kbdcontrol -l.


10.14, reformatting dos text files to 'unix' format
Complex solutions involving perl and tr are offered. col(1) is a simple
utility built to do this (among other things)


10.15, killing processes by name
pkill(1) should also be mentioned along with the existing killall(1)


Apologiges if this isn't the proper point of contact for the FAQ.


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