Integrating 'FreeBSD vs. Linux vs. Windows 2000' flyer

Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Sun May 8 06:29:34 UTC 2005

On Sat, May 07, 2005 at 05:33:21PM -0700, Murray Stokely wrote:
> I think it's long past time to update the old 'FreeBSD vs Linux vs
> Windows 2000' flyer available at :
> One problem with this document is that it really doesn't fit into the
> mold of other content we provide in doc/ or www/, though that is
> clearly where it belongs.  If we can get it into a text based format
> somewhere that we can all update then I'm sure the content will be
> improved rapidly.
> To date this document has mostly been distributed in print form.
> Perhaps someone could volunteer to TeX it like Marc's existing
> freebsd-flyer and import it as :
>   doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/flyers/os-comparison
> Alternatively, we could maintain it just as an HTML based table in :
>   www/en/marketing/os-comparison.html
> I guess the decision really comes down to how nicely a TeX version can
> be made to look.  If the answer is not that nicely, then I think
> maintaining an HTML version makes the most sense and then having an
> artist manually import it into Quark once in a while to make a nice
> PDF version.

Everything is possible with TeX but requires some knowledge and a lot of
time when it comes to do some DTP works.
I think having, in a first time, an HTML version is a good thing (it
allows translation and easy update).  Then if people need a printable
version, a TeX conversion or Scribus one (maybe the best solution) could
be done.  The best choice for a printed version would be something using
our toolchain, this leads to a TeX version.  However using Scribus may
be easier, and will still allow us to translate and update the content.


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