Mailing Lists

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Tue Jun 7 01:47:38 UTC 2005


Dave B. wrote:
>    Sirs:
>              I must have inadvertantlyjoined All of your mailing lists. I

How did you manage to do this? Is somebody fooling around with you?

>    just cant handle 200 - 300 e-mails a day concerning All subjects. Is
>    there a way to unsubscribe from All mailing lists @ one shot. I'v

I do not think so. From the documentation:

"To unsubscribe yourself from a list, click on the URL found at the 
bottom of every email received from the list. It is also possible to 
send an email to <listname-unsubscribe at> to unsubscribe 

>    gotten requests for unsubscription confirmation, all to no avail. It's
>    almost as tho everything is automatic, with no heman intervention. I'd

There is a short delay.

>    just as soon not have to change my email address, but will if
>    necessary. And unless it stops, I'll not experiment with the FreeBSD
>    set I just ordered from the 'FreeBSDMall.' I hope you have a method
>    whereby I can be removed from all with only one shot.

We use it, but you would miss a great operating system.


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