Slackware Handbook

Narayan Newton narayannewton at
Sun Jan 23 19:13:41 UTC 2005


We at are creating a website to recreate the FreeBSD
handbook for the Slackware Linux distribution. The quality and
completeness of
the FreeBSD docs is unparalleled in Linux. We feel that a "Slackware
Handbook" would be very useful to many people.

We have a wiki-like setup that will ease the burden of
administration and allow the community to moderate the content. What
would also help is to be able to copy sections of the FreeBSD handbook
that are the same on Slackware. It is our understanding that the FreeBSD
documentation is under a BSD-like license that allows copying and
modification if the copyright is retained.

We would like to confirm this and ask for permission to use the material
from the FreeBSD Documentation community, as many have
worked very hard to make this what it is. License or no, it wouldn't be
right in our view to copy sections without approval of the community.


Narayan Newton

Adam Doxtater

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