Problem with mail for dialup users

Leonidas Tsampros ltsampros at
Wed Jan 5 15:22:14 UTC 2005

  I'm using dialup to connect to the internet and i tried to setup
sendmail in the way it is mentioned in the FreeBSD Handbook. According
to Chapter 22.9 all you have to do is to setup sendmail in a way that
it rewrites your local domain address to your ISP's domain address.
This means that something like user at bsd.home will become
user at isp' .

Of course THIS IS WORKING but it doesn't suit users that have a
different login name at ther local machine and a different one at
their's ISP mailbox. A solution to this is to use a genericstable file
at their /etc/mail mc file  so there can be full address rewriting like
userY at bsd.home becomes userZ at isp' . The options that i have appended
to the previous configuration are the following:

FEATURE(`genericstable', `btree -o /etc/mail/genericstable')

[user at bsd.home]doc $ cat /etc/mail/genericstable
user at bsd.home        userZ at isp'

Thanks for your time.

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