Little mistake in documentation!

Михаил Коробов krasnobai at
Sun Dec 18 13:27:15 UTC 2005

Hi! Greetings from Russia!
I'm thinking of trying FreeBSD, so I've just looked through your
Hardware Notes on
And I've noticed a small mistake there in Section 2 "Supported Processors
and Motherboards", paragraph 2, line 3:
"Athlon (including Athlon-MP, Athlon-XP, Athlon-4, and..."
I dunno if there exists any example of Athlon-4 in the World (maybe of
some testing series specially assembled for BSD:))) But I've heard smth.
about Athlon-64, so IMHO the line should be:
"Athlon (including Athlon-MP, Athlon-XP, Athlon-64, and..."
Mikhail Korobov, Moscow, Russia                  mailto:krasnobai at

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