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Murray Stokely murray at
Tue Aug 30 10:16:28 UTC 2005

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 11:21:23AM +0200, Joel Dahl wrote:
> bean            2000 - 2003

Did nothing during this time.  It took us three years before realizing
this person had no intention of working on freebsd.

> A.  Is there someone that you would like to keep as a developer?
> B.  Are the years correct?
> C.  Would you like to add someone to the list?
> D.  I need years for the following committers:
> paul            x - 2005

>From the very beginning.  I'd put 1993 unless someone else has a
better year.

> smace           x - 2004
> lars            x - 2004
> uhclem          x - 2003
> cshumway        x - x

Was Chris Shumway ever a committer?  I know he was on the admin team,
but I don't think he was ever a committer.

He was a great tech support employee at Walnut Creek CDROM, BSDi, and
then Wind River, but his activity trailed off after the lay-offs at
Wind River in late 2001.

His years would roughly be 2000-2001.

	- Murray

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