Kernel & GEOM documentation

Marc Fonvieille blackend at
Sun Aug 28 21:38:29 UTC 2005

On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 02:20:09PM -0700, Ivan Voras wrote:
> Hi!
> During the work for my SoC project (gjournal) I've
> written a sort of tutorial or explanation document for
> kernel & GEOM programming.
> It's been read (well, most of it) by Pawel Jakub
> Dawidek (pjd at and at least glanced over by
> Poul Henning Kamp (phk at, so it should be
> safe from critical errors :)
> Here it is:
> I'd be happy if it gets to be committed somewhere in
> the doc tree, but its not a requirement, as I can host
> it somewhere on my site.

A great thing would be to add GEOM related parts as a GEOM chapter
in the arch-handbook.


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