OpenOffice 1.0 Output format for DocBook Slides

Murray Stokely murray at
Mon Aug 15 02:25:21 UTC 2005

I've written a stylesheet to output OpenOffice 1.0 / StarImpress
presentations from the contents of a DocBook Slides XML file, such as
those in /usr/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/slides.

The output is much better than either the HTML or PDF outputs.  An
example presentation generated completely from the makefiles and
xsltproc is available at

This new output format is the fastest to generate, requires the fewest
special software programs to be installed (only xsltproc and
openoffice), and creates by far the best output.

SXI files are just zip files which contain a number of XML files and a
background image to be used for each slide (or multiple images, as

I implemented this by adding a skeleton uncompressed sxi file to :


and an XSLT stylesheet for that template as :


The include file then adds support for the "sxi" output
format, and copies the template skeleton to the objdir, runs the
template.xsl file over slides.xml and generates a 'content.xml' file
to be put in the SXI file with the rest of the template, then zips up
the workdir and calls it slides.sxi.

We can import any number of possible templates into the tree, but if
none is specified then the default one that I've written is used.

This work is all in Perforce in //projects/docbook_slides/..

To test from perforce :
  sync with //projects/docbook_slides
  $ cd doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/slides/freebsd-general
  $ make FORMATS=sxi
  $ openoffice slides.sxi

I plan on committing this to CVS sometime this week.  If anyone has
any better ideas about the directories I've chosen or other feedback
please let me know.

	- Murray

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