ALC-3000 Epson works on FreeBSD

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Sun Aug 14 16:57:51 UTC 2005

	Hello all,

Hope this is the good list.
It woukd be useful to add the following doc about a new Epson printer:
ALC-3000, and ALC-3000N
Please, feel free to correct, add, format ...
	Please cc if needed, i am not on the list.


This new printer is not yet supported directly by epsfilter
nor cups.
Cups may drive it with the Epson driver (see below),
but not tested at this time.

To make it working, you need to download the epson driver from :

You need to install a linux_base from the ports collection,
emulators section:
I have tested linux_base-rh-9 for now.
	untar the filter.
	cd to the directory.
make install.

If you have a ALC-3000N you must configure the setup of the machine:
read the admin guide for this. you can reach the printer
by telnet:
default possible addresses,
or by dhcp.

Edit the /usr/local/etc/epkowa/alc300/option.conf appropriately.

change the first line of /usr/local/bin/ with:
	#!/usr/local/bin/bash (not #!/bin/sh).
and possibly comment the line:
	#cmd="$tee0 $sizeadjust $filtercmd"
and copy it like this:
cmd="$tee0 $filtercmd"

Install the printer in the /etc/printcap file.

If all goes well you can print now with:

a2ps -o Filename
lpr -Palc

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