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"Siebrand Mazeland" <siebrand at> wrote:

> After reading David's first mail I've contacted wpaul@ (2005-08-01) to try
> and get some confirmation about the quality of the tutorial that David
> offered. So far Bill has not yet responded, unfortulately.
> I would like to edit the article and convert it to SGML if I get some
> 'authoritative' confirmation about the validity of the information in the
> tutorial, or as I put it to Bill: "My question to you is if you could take a
> look at the above mentioned web page [1] and let me know if the information
> in it is a) correct and b) sufficient for the 'Handbook scope' (i.e. general
> interest and a 'quick start')."
> If YOU are able to answer the question above, please let me know and I'll go
> forward.

The "old way" I used to go was different and less complex than the "old way"
described at <>:
> # cd /sys/modules/ndis
> # make depend
> ...
> # make
> ...
> # make install
> ...
> # cd ../if_ndis
> # ndiscvt -i TNET1130.INF -s tnet1130.sys 
> -f Fw1130.bin -o ndis_driver_data.h
> ...
> # make depend
> ...
> # make
> ...
> # make install
> # ndiscvt -f FwRad16.bin
> # cp FwRad16.bin.ko /boot/kernel

"My" "old way" is described in

>The "old" way to compile ndis was to go to 
>/usr/src/sys/modules/if_ndis/, use ndiscvt to create a header
>file containing the windows driver and to make;make install.

That's all I did. 

The "new old way" looks like a mix to me, but perhaps it's
just another possible way to build ndis with a certain code
version I never used.

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