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Mon Aug 8 21:03:42 UTC 2005

Hi David and Mark,

After reading David's first mail I've contacted wpaul@ (2005-08-01) to try
and get some confirmation about the quality of the tutorial that David
offered. So far Bill has not yet responded, unfortulately.

I would like to edit the article and convert it to SGML if I get some
'authoritative' confirmation about the validity of the information in the
tutorial, or as I put it to Bill: "My question to you is if you could take a
look at the above mentioned web page [1] and let me know if the information
in it is a) correct and b) sufficient for the 'Handbook scope' (i.e. general
interest and a 'quick start')."

If YOU are able to answer the question above, please let me know and I'll go




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On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 04:44:55PM +0100, David Chisnall wrote:
> Well, I'll take that complete lack of replies for a week as a `no'.

One of the things in my experience with FreeBSD is that lack of repsonse
more often means that everyone is hoping that someone else will pick up the
ball and run with it, rather than the fact that no one thinks it's a good
idea.  Many of our most active committers are, well, overcommitted :) with
their own projects and neat ideas.

Note: generally if people think something's a _bad_ idea they'll let you
know :-)

I know it can be kind of frustrating for someone who's not a "known
quantity" to be able to get something into the documentation/source
tree/ports/whatever, but the key seems to be persistence over the long-term.

fwiw, this idea sounds pretty good to me and I hope you pursue it.

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