CFD: additions to the PR submission article

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Apr 11 06:18:52 UTC 2005

Mark Linimon wrote:
[ ... ]
> Unless there are any objections I intend to commit these changes once
> the freeze is lifted.

Yay!  These changes strike me as very good.

> +      <listitem>
> +	<para>Code in the base system that is written and maintained
> +	  by others, and imported into &os; and adapted.  Examples
> +	  include <application>bind</application>, &man.gcc.1;, and
> +	  &man.sendmail.8;.  Most bugs in these areas should be reported
> +	  to the &os; developers; but in some cases they may need to be
> +	  reported to the original authors instead if the problems are
> +	  not &os;-specific.  Usually these bugs will fall under either
> +	  the <literal>bin</literal> or <literal>gnu</literal>
> +	  categories.</para>
> +      </listitem>

Perhaps we could add a comment here requesting that the user try to test 
whether the problem happens on another platform.  If the problem only shows up 
on FreeBSD, the user should definitely report it to the &os developers.  If 
the problem is reproducable on other platforms, the user should definitely 
report it to the original authors, and maybe CC: the &os developers.


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