REMINDER: doc/ slush for 5.4R begins on 2 April, 2005

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Sun Apr 3 02:56:15 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Hiroki Sato <hrs at> wrote
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hr> Hiroki Sato <hrs at> wrote
hr>   in <20050325.125530.59744523.hrs at>:
hr> hr>  Sorry for such a short notice, but the doc slush will begin on
hr> hr>  2 April, 2005 (originally scheduled on 24 March).  The 5.4R
hr> hr>  schedule for the doc tree on will be updated soon.
hr>  FYI, the doc/ slush will begin on schedule, around at 23:30, 2 Apr UTC.

 As announced, the doc/ tree is now in a slush.  Please postpone all
 non-essential changes for the English documents until after the doc/
 tree is tagged (currently scheduled for 11 April, 2005).

 Thank you for your help.

| Hiroki SATO
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