HEADS UP: doc/ slush begins

Brad Davis so14k at so14k.com
Sat Sep 18 16:24:20 UTC 2004

On Sat, September 18, 2004 1:13 am, Hiroki Sato said:
> Hi all,
>  As announced, the doc/ tree is now in a slush.  Please postpone all
>  non-essential changes until after the doc/ tree is tagged (currently
>  scheduled for 24 September, 2004).
>  While this is not a real freeze, if you need to commit a relatively
>  large change to fix or improve our documentation for 5.3-RELEASE,
>  please put a note for translators onto your commit log.


I have a complete rewrite of the Firewall section. I have been trying to
work with Tom, but I think he is busy doing other stuff. I would like to
see this make it in before the 5.3 release. If anyone is interested I have
patches and the HTML output here:


It needs to be merged against the current version of the handbook, but
that shouldn't be too hard.

Brad Davis

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