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On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Hiroki Sato wrote:

>  Please review this and let me know your comments, thanks.

: (31 Oct 2004) There are reports of the sk(4) driver locking up under
: heavy load. As a workaround, bring the interface down then back up,
: and it will clear the condition.

- I am only aware of problems in the TX path; RX seems just fine
  though this is not mentioned in most PRs. If anyone has reports for
  RX problems too please mail me a link to ml-archive.
- admin down/up does not always help. sometimes a reboot is needed.
  (unloading module and re-loading doesn't seem to help/work here
   on my amd64 because jumbo buffer allocation fails then).
- most reports are from people with onboard nics on ASUS boards.
- related PRs: kern/73052, kern/73038, kern/71858, kern/71229,
  related but closed: kern/69879
  only somewhat related: i386/71733, i386/63313, kern/61296,

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