orig/trans automatic selection patch for news/{newsflash,press}.html

Denis Peplin den at FreeBSD.org
Wed Nov 24 12:11:46 UTC 2004


Hiroki Sato wrote:
> Hi all,
>  I made patches for www/<lang>/news to implement the following:
>  1) When a news item added to en/news/news.xml and it is not in
>     <lang>/news/news.xml, newsflash.xsl in the localized directories
>     will automatically pick up and insert the item into their
>     www/<lang>/newsflash.html on the fly.
>  2) Once the item is translated and added into <lang>/news/news.xml,
>     the localized newsflash.xsl uses the translated one.
>  I think this sort of mechanism should help when the translation is
>  delayed.  The patches found at the following URL include the necessary
>  changes for www/share+www/en, www/de, www/fr, www/ja, and
>  www/ru (patches for each language depend on the www/share+www/en patch).
>   http://people.allbsd.org/~hrs/www-news-translation-patches.tar.gz
>  Translators, could you please try them?  While there are several
>  known problems such as www/<lang>/index.xsl support and so on,
>  they should work and you can understand what I want to do.
>  I would appreciate your comments.  Especially, I would like to
>  know if the l10n knobs are sufficient for your language.  Thanks.

Very appreciated solution!

But in my local system it does not work...

"/usr/doc/share/mk/doc.common.mk", line 168: warning: duplicate script 
for target 
"/usr/www/ru/news//usr/doc/ru_RU.KOI8-R/share/sgml/mirrors.xml" ignored
"/usr/www/share/mk/web.site.mk", line 216: warning: duplicate script for 
target "spellcheck" ignored
(i see warnings only for Russian)

But i don't think that warnings indicate problem, because for other
languages patches does not work too.

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