Documentation on FTP sites [Was: pdf of the very latest handbook available?]

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Sat Nov 13 23:42:32 UTC 2004

On 2004.11.12 14:33:20 +0100, Simon L. Nielsen wrote:
> On 2004.11.12 07:06:51 -0500, misnagid wrote:
> > The Handbook that is available at:
> >
> > is indeed the latest version.  When I download the handbook in other formats
> > from:
> >
> > the versions are older.
> It looks like something is broken with the last part of the doc build,
> so the files do not get synced to the FTP servers.  I will have a look
> at it tonight.

[ It turns out that mails are not really send very far when the mail
server on the sending host is not running.... (which is why the above
mail wasn't delivered until now). ]

Anyway, there was a bug in the build script which caused all the docs
not to be pushed to the FTP sites.  This should hopefully have been
corrected now, so the docs should be synced out to the mirror sites by
Monday morning.

In case anyone is interested, I have made a small status page with the
build of the documentation of the FTP sites.  It's at .  And yes, the
start date for that page and the date the docs stopped getting updated
are curiously very much alike... ;-)

If anyone at a later points see a problem with the documentation on
the FTP sites please poke me (or better the freebsd-doc mailing list)
and I will look into it.  In general the documentation on a FTP site
should not be more than a week old.

Simon L. Nielsen
FreeBSD Documentation Team
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