to whom it may concern

Matthew, Kristina and Ethan mcgrawfam at
Fri May 28 20:16:30 UTC 2004

I appologize if this email goes astray somewhere it

My name is Matthew and I received my BA in English Lit
and Composition.  Since college I have had a variety
of jobs; technical writer, tech support, chef, truck
driver... etc.  I am also a FreeBSD newbie of about a
year (4.4 on a compaq desktop w/pII 400mhz etc) and I
am all self taught, relying mostly on available
documentation to solve my problems... it has been a
great help to me and I'd like to give something back
to the Doc-Project.

I am afraid I don't have anything in the way of new
info to add... I'd like to offer my skills as a
proof-reader and editor.  I would certainly be atuned
to the "newbie" audience and might be able to re-work
some sections to make them less confusing... anything
along those lines....

i don't know if help like this is needed.  if not, let
me just say, "Thank you for helping me along.  I'm
always available."


ps - please respond to mm0202 at, not to the
address this message was sent from... thanks

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