lock order reversal status page

Jon Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Mon May 3 19:33:59 UTC 2004

On 5/3/2004 2:23 PM, Simon L. Nielsen wrote:
> On 2004.05.03 14:12:56 -0500, Jon Noack wrote:
>> I think it would be great if we could get it put up on the
>> FreeBSD.org site.  We could then put a link to it in the source to
>> cut down on list noise.  I assume the best place to put it would be
>> under the FAQ section.  Do you agree that this is a good idea?
> I think it would be a good idea to have it somewhere.  It don't have
> a particular preference if it would be best in the FAQ or as a
> regular webpage, but the web site might be preferable so the URL can
> be shorter :-).

Shorter would be better -- I don't have any preference beyond that either.

>> If so, what do we (I) need to do to get this done?
> The clasic responce... send patches :-).  If nobody sends patches I 
> might get around to it, but I don't know when.

Patches to what, though?  I guess for now I will just convert the page 
to SGML.  Perhaps at some point I will gain enlightenment and will know 
where the page best fits.  In the mean time I'm off to learn SGML...


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